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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2088

104401. Which of the following rivers of the Indian subcontinent covers the longest distance from its source to the sea in which it pours its waters?

104402. Which of the following important centres of pilgrimage is not situated on the banks of the Ganges?

104403. Lines drawn on a map through places having equal height above sea level are called?

104404. Western Rajasthan receives scant rainfall because?

104405. The maximum density of canals is in which of the following States?

104406. Which of the following combinations represent the arrangement of the decreasing particle size order of soils?

104407. Which of the following island is not a coral island?

104408. Lemon is the most characteristic fruit of?

104409. The natural region which holds the Indian subcontinent is?

104410. The busiest ocean route for shipping is in the?

104411. Which of the following animals is caught for fur by the nomadic Eskimos of Polar Tundra?

104412. In which of the following types of climate does the temperature never rise above 1000 C throughout the year?

104413. . At the core of the earth, the temperature is estimated to be around .'?

104414. The mean radius of the earth is approximately?

104415. Name the method in which different colours are used to represent various features of elevation of the ground?

104416. Which of the following is most useful for measuring the shortest distance between two places on the earth and the path between them?

104417. Insolation heats up land masses more quickly than the water bodies because?

104418. Which of the following is a primary occupation?

104419. Which of the following is regarded as a perennial crop?

104420. A system off arming in which the cultivators constantly move to new fields as old ones wear out is called?

104421. Industries owned and run by a group of people who ar , generally producers of raw materials of the industry belong to which sector of economy?

104422. Name the shipyard situated on the Konkan coast?

104423. Large number of fish are found on the western coast of the deserts in the tropical region. This is because?

104424. Which part of the equatorial region has well-developed rubber plantations?

104425. Which of the following climatic characteristics is related to tropical deserts?

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