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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 188

9401. Mao Tse Tung died in the year

9402. In 1806,the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved by

9403. The country which celebrates Independence day on 15th August, apart from India, is

9404. The first World War ended in

9405. The US President who was forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal was

9406. The Second World War ended in

9407. The first communist manifesto was issued in

9408. The first Prime Minister of Independent Kenya was

9409. Malenkov became the Soviet Prime Minister after the death of

9410. The first British Prime Minister was

9411. The French revolution took place during the years

9412. The British Commander who surrendered before the Americans and French at York town in 1781 was

9413. The American War of Independence was faught during the years

9414. Stalin became the Premiere of USSR in

9415. Lenin was succeeded by

9416. In the Second World War,atomic bombs were dropped in Japan which destroyed

9417. Leningrad was built by

9418. White House,the residence of the President of the USA is located at

9419. In European History,the year 1848 is known as

9420. The first Prime Minister of Israel was

9421. The English King who was prepared to exchange his kingdom for a horse was

9422. Nixon was succeeded by

9423. Nixon resigned in the year

9424. The First World War broke out in

9425. In the year 1959,Chinese occupied

9426. A big Naval expedition sent by Philip II against England was known as the

9427. Magna Karta is also known as the

9428. The king who was forced to sign the Magna Karta was

9429. Winston Churchil died in the year

9430. Battle of Britain was fought in the year

9431. Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in 1941 against the

9432. Bolschevik Revolution took place in

9433. Christopher Columbus died in the year

9434. De Champlain was a

9435. China was also known as

9436. Alexandria was founded by

9437. In the first Punic War fought in 264-261 BC,the Romans defeated

9438. Modern Parliament was introduced by

9439. The Disease which struck Europe in the 14th Century was

9440. In the thirteenth Century,Russia was overun by

9441. In 1260,the Mongol army was defeated by the armies of Islam at

9442. Timur died in the year

9443. The first colony established by the English in north America was

9444. Henry IV was assassinated in

9445. The War of the Grand Alliance was fought during

9446. The War of the Spanish succession was fought during

9447. In 1707,the two countries who became united were

9448. Napoleon crowned himself as Emperor in

9449. Napoleon brought a detailed revision of the French Legal System called as

9450. In 1805,the French fleet was destroyed at

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