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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1705

85251. In an external mouthpiece, the absolute pressure head at vena contracta is __________ the atmospheric pressure head by an amount equal to 0.89 times the height of the liquid, above the vena contracta.

85252. The weight per unit volume of a liquid at a standard temperature and pressure is called

85253. The centre of buoyancy is the centre of area of the immersed body.

85254. The metacentric heights of two floating bodies A and B are 1 m and 1.5 m respectively. Select the correct statement.

85255. In open channels, the specific energy is the

85256. The Bernoulli's equation is based on the assumption that

85257. The velocity corresponding to Reynold number of 2800, is called

85258. When the pipes are in series, the total head loss is equal to the sum of the head loss in each pipe.

85259. Whenever a plate is held immersed at some angle with the direction of flow of the liquid, it is subjected to some pressure. The component of this pressure, at right angles to the direction of flow of the liquid is known as lift.

85260. The discharge over a rectangular weir, considering the velocity of approach, is (where H1 = Total height of water above the weir = H + Ha H = Height of water, over the crest of the weir, and Ha = Height of water, due to velocity of approach)

85261. A flow in which __________ force is dominating over the viscosity is called turbulent flow.

85262. If an incompressible liquid is continuously flowing through a pipe, the quantity of liquid passing per second is different at different sections.

85263. The atmospheric pressure at sea level is

85264. When the pressure intensity at a point is less than the local atmospheric pressure, then the difference of these two pressures is called vacuum pressure.

85265. Reynold's number is the ratio of inertia force to

85266. The unit of dynamic viscosity in S.I. units is

85267. Bulk modulus of a fluid __________ as the pressure increases.

85268. The hydraulic gradient line may be above or below the centre line of the pipe.

85269. A water tank contains 1.3 m deep water. The pressure exerted by the water per metre length of the tank is

85270. The specific gravity has no units.

85271. The depth of water in a channel corresponding to the minimum specific energy is known as critical depth.

85272. The ratio of the inertia force to the gravity force is called Froude number.

85273. The Francis formula for the discharge over Cippoletti weir is

85274. Laminar flow __________ place at very low velocities.

85275. A manometer can be used to measure vacuum pressures.

85276. The tendency of a liquid to uplift a submerged body, because of the upward thrust of the liquid, is known as buoyancy.

85277. An open tank containing liquid is made to move from rest with a uniform acceleration. The angle 0 which the free surface of liquid makes with the horizontal is such that (where a = Horizontal acceleration of the tank, and g = Acceleration due to gravity)

85278. The discharge over a triangular notch is

85279. The discharge through an external mouthpiece is given by (where a = Cross-sectional area of the mouthpiece, and H = Height of liquid above the mouthpiece)

85280. The loss of pressure head in case of laminar flow is proportional to

85281. The flow of water through the hole in the bottom of a wash basin is an example of

85282. A glass tube of smaller diameter is used while performing an experiment for the capillary rise of water because

85283. The viscosity of a liquid is due to cohesion of its particles.

85284. A compound pipe is required to be replaced by a new pipe. The two pipes are said to be equivalent, if

85285. In a footstep bearing, if the speed of the shaft is doubled, then the torque required to overcome the viscous resistance will be

85286. The viscosity of water is __________ than that of mercury.

85287. The velocity at which the laminar flow stops, is known as

85288. When a cylindrical vessel, containing some liquid, is rotated about its vertical axis, the liquid surface is depressed down at the axis of its rotation and rises up near the walls of the vessel on all sides. This type of flow is known as

85289. The Newton's law of resistance is based on the assumption that the

85290. The Euler's equation for the motion of liquids is based upon the assumption that

85291. A weir is usually made of masonry or concrete.

85292. The shear stress-strain graph for a newtonian fluid is a

85293. If a pitot tube is placed with its nose upstream, downstream or sideways, the reading will be the same in every case.

85294. A flow in which each liquid particle does not have a definite path and the paths of individual particles also cross each other, is called turbulent flow.

85295. A flow in which the viscosity of fluid is dominating over the inertia force is called

85296. An air vessel is provided at the summit in a syphon to

85297. If a body floating in a liquid does not return back to its original position, and heels farther "away when given a small angular displacement, the body is said to be in neutral equilibrium.

85298. The length of the divergent cone in a venturimeter is __________ that of the convergent cone.

85299. A flow through a long pipe at constant rate is called

85300. The volume per unit mass of a liquid is called specific volume.

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