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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1536

76801. In an infinite ladder Ckt as shown above each resistance of rΩ then RAB

76802. A series resonant circuit has R = 2 Ω, L = 0.1 H and C =10 μF. At resonance applied voltage = 10 ∠0 V. Voltage across inductance is likely to be

76803. The admittance parameter Y12 in the 2 port network in the figure

76804. A 20 Ω resistor, a 1H inductor and 1μF capacitor are connected in parallel the combination is driven by a unit step current. Under the steady state, source current flows through

76805. A series resonant circuit has parameters 10 ω, 1 H and 0.1 F. It is excited by a voltage v = 100 sin ωt. At resonant frequency, the power dissipated in the circuit is

76806. Assertion (A): A tree of graph contains all the nodes of the graph.Reason (R): The number of links is always less than the number of tree branches.

76807. Cells are connected in series to increase

76808. The low pass filter characteristic shown in figure realizable.

76809. Assertion (A): The s domain impedance of a series R-L circuit is R + sL irrespective of initial conditions.Reason (R): Complex frequency s = σ + jω.

76810. If Va = 10 ∠0, Vb = 10 ∠ -120° and Vc = 10 ∠ -240°, then Va2 and Va0 are

76811. A wire has a diameter d and resistance R. If the diameter is made 3d, the length and material remaining the same, the new value of resistance will be

76812. The realization of a reactance function gives

76813. The correct relation between energy and charge is

76814. A two branch parallel tuned circuits has a coil of resistance R and inductance L in one branch and capacitance C in the second branch. The bandwidth is 200 radians/sec. A load of resistance RL is connected in parallel. The new bandwidth will be

76815. The correct relation between joules and calories is

76816. The filter in figure, uses ideal op-amp. It is

76817. For a rectified sinusoidal wave clipped at 0.707 its peak value (figure), the average value is

76818. A voltage v = 100 sin (100 p t + 45°) V is applied to an impedance 10 + j10 ohm. The current is

76819. If P = 250 W and p.f. = 0.707 lagging, Q =

76820. Figure shows an R-L circuit. The current is i = 1 - e-t. The rate of change of current at t = 1 second is

76821. Assertion (A): Energy stored in inductance is and that in capacitance is Reason (R): Inductance and capacitance are dual of each other.

76822. The time constant of the circuit after the switch shown in the figure is opened is

76823. A series RLC circuit is at resonance at 200 Hz. If capacitance is increased to four times, the circuit will be in resonance at

76824. A system function the resonant frequency in rad/sec and bandwidth in rad/sec. is given by

76825. The temperature coefficient of copper is 0.00393 at 20° C. At 50° C the temperature coefficient is

76826. To determine the polarity of voltage drop across a resistor, it is sufficient to know

76827. A sawtooth current wave is passed through a resistance

76828. Static sheep foot roller is most effective in compacting:

76829. Assertion (A): If A = 0.5 ∠ 20°, A2 = 0.25 ∠ 40°.Reason (R): When drawing a phasor diagram, sinusoids may have the same or different frequencies.

76830. Two passive elements are connected in series and a dc voltage is applied to the circuit. The time variation of the current is shown in figure. The two elements are

76831. Which statement is incorrect for parallel resonance?

76832. If a capacitor is charged by a square wave current source the voltage across the capacitor is

76833. The equivalent resistance between terminals x and y figure is

76834. The purpose of earthing electric appliances is

76835. Three impedances (3 + j 4) Ω each are connected in star. The impedances of equivalent delta circuit will be

76836. Find Vth in the circuit

76837. A heater is rated at 230 V, 5 A AC. Then

76838. KCL is a statement of principle of conservation of energy.

76839. In an underdamped RLC series circuit, the natural frequency is ωn. The frequency of damped oscillations is

76840. The equivalent inductance measured between the terminals 1 and 2 for the circuit shown in the figure is

76841. A dc network has 3 independent nodes and 4 loops. In total analysis, the number of equations is

76842. In the circuit, S was initially open. At time t = 0, S is closed. When the current through the inductor is 6 A, the rate of change of current through the resistor is 6 A/s. The value of the inductor would be

76843. A series circuit has R = 5 Ω and C = 10 μF. It is switched on to a 12 V dc battery at t = 0. The current in the circuit will be maximum

76844. If V = 4 in the figure, the value of Is is given by

76845. A current of 1 A in the coil of an iron cored electromagnet causes B = 0.5T. If current is 2A, B =

76846. Two current sources each of rms value 10 A have frequencies 40 Hz and 50 Hz respectively. They are connected in series, the expression for resultant wave is

76847. To find the current in a 20 Ω resistance connected in a circuit, Norton's theorem is used. IN = 7.5 A. The current though 20 Ω resistance.

76848. While calculating Norton's resistance, all current sources are short circuited.

76849. The voltage of the source in circuit shown __________ if i(t) = - 20e-2t is

76850. In an R-L-C series circuit, R = 2/L/C . If R is doubled

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