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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1526

76301. A line of characteristic impedance Z0 branches into two line each with characteristic impedance Z0. The refracted voltage is

76302. The resistance values of a PIN diode under positive bias and negative bias respectively are about

76303. A PIN diode can be used

76304. What is the numerical aperture an optical fiber when critical angle is 30°?

76305. A line of length slightly less than and short circuited at far end behaves as

76306. In TE10 mode of rectangular waveguide

76307. Reflection from the object to be measured is significant only when the wavelength is

76308. The speed at which axial electric field due to signal advances in a TWT is equal to

76309. To ensure that only dominant TE10 mode propagates in a rectangular waveguide, the operating frequency

76310. In a microwave power measurement using bolometer, the principle of working is variation of

76311. Z0 = (Zoc Zsc)0.5

76312. A microwave junction is matched at all ports if the S matrix

76313. Assertion (A): A line of length slightly more than and open circuited at far end is equivalent to an inductive reactance.Reason (R): A line of length slightly more than and short circuited at far end behaves as a capacitive reactance.

76314. TE01 mode of propagation of electromagnetic energy

76315. Assertion (A): Slotted line is frequently used for microwave measurements.Reason (R): The unknown impedance is mounted at the end of slotted line.

76316. Fibers have numerical aperture (NA) in the range of 0.15 to 0.4 Fibers with higher NA value would have

76317. The following components are used to measure power output of a 2 kW TWT amplifier TWTLow pass/High pass filterLow power 20 dB attenuator40 dB directional coupler with matched loadPower meter. The correct sequence of connections of these components is:

76318. Which part of radio spectrum is more crowded?

76319. As compared to their values in free space

76320. Characteristic impedance of a coaxial cable is inversely proportional to ∈r .

76321. A rectangular waveguide has a discontinuity in the form of reduced narrow dimension. In the equivalent circuit this discontinuity can be represented by

76322. Depth of penetration does not depend on frequency.

76323. Assertion (A): Inter-digitated geometry is widely used for microwave transistors.Reason (R): Tuning at input and output of transistor uses MOS chip capacitors.

76324. For a 1 cm x 2 cm air filled rectangular waveguide the maximum frequency should be less than about

76325. Hollow waveguides are used as transmission lines at frequencies

76326. The total power radiated from an antenna system is determined by imagining that the antenna is at the centre of a very large

76327. The AM, PM, and TV broadcast frequencies are

76328. Assertion (A): For a reciprocal microwave junction the S matrix is symmetrical.Reason (R): In a symmetrical matrix Sij = Sji.

76329. In TE mode of waveguide Ez = 0

76330. The primary constants of a transmission line are

76331. The p mode of operation of magnetron signifies that

76332. Consider the following statements (L is the length of array between centres of end antennas and A is wave-length)Width of major lobe between nulls of broad side array and end fire array are different.Directive gain of broadside array and end fire array are different.Directive gain of broadside array is 4 Which of the above statements are correct?

76333. The electrical requirement on wall thickness of rectangular wave guide is

76334. If a microstrip is enclosed in a metal enclosure

76335. In the given figure power meters at A and B indicate 1 mW and 110 μW respectively. VSWR of line is

76336. As frequency is increased, the skin effect

76337. In a rectangular waveguide there is one half wave variation of electric field across the narrow dimension and two half wave variations of electric field across wider dimension. The dominant mode is

76338. VTM stands for voltage tunable magnetron.

76339. Which of the following is used in integrated circuits?

76340. Which of the following is a balanced line?

76341. A line of characteristic impedance 400 Ω is terminated by a resistance of 400 Ω. The reflected quantities are

76342. A magic tee is to be used as CW duplexer. Then port 1, port 2, port 3 (E arm), port 4 (H arm) respectively should be connected to

76343. Wave guides are pressurised above normal atmospheric pressure for

76344. Assertion (A): In a power divider SH = 0, S21 = 0.707 = S3, Reason (R): In a power divider the input port (i.e., port 1) is matched and incident power is equally divided in output ports 2 and 3

76345. In microwave detector used in laboratory measurements of relative power levels, standing wave ratio is about

76346. Microwaves

76347. In microstrip line has dielectric material most commonly used is

76348. In fibre optics the use is made of thin glass fibres for efficient transmission of light.

76349. Fields are said to be circularly polarized if

76350. Which mode is called dominant mode in rectangular wave guide?

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