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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1469

73451. The transfer function Y(s)/R(s) of the system shown is

73452. A lossless transmission line with air dielectric is 6 m long. What is the line length at 30 MHz?

73453. Given that F(s) is the one-sided Laplace transform of f(t), the Laplace transform of f(t )dt is

73454. The antenna current of an AM broad cast transmitter, modulated to a depth of 40% by an audio sine wave is 11 amperes. It increased to 12 ampere as a result of simultaneous modulation by another sine wave. The modulation index due to this second sine wave is :

73455. Two D flip-flop as shown below are to be connected as a synchronous counter that goes through the following Q1Q0 sequence00 → 01 → 11 → 10 → 00 → __________ The inputs D0 and D1 respectively should be connected as

73456. The z-transform of a signal is given by . Its final value is :

73457. The number of variables in a function is odd and the number of minterms with even number of 0's are same as the number of minterms with odd number at 1's, the expression formed can be represented in __________ as well as __________ form.

73458. In a number system with radix r, the decimal value of 110 is equal to 4r. The decimal values of 111 and r respective are equal to

73459. The electric field of uniform plane wave is given by E = 20 sin (2 p x 108t- p z) x + 20 cos (2 p x 108t - p z) y. Find phase velocity

73460. A conductor in x-y plane and having length 1 m is moving with a velocity V = (2i + 3j + k) m/sec. A magnetic induction field B = (i + 2j) Wb/m2 is applied to the conductor. The potential difference between the ends of the conductor is

73461. A 1000 kHz carrier wave modulated 40% at 4000 Hz is applied to a resonant circuit tuned to a carrier frequency and having Q = 140. What is the degree of modulation after passing the wave through this circuit?

73462. The VTH at terminals A and B is equal to,

73463. If , then y has a

73464. If . dt , then F[y(t)] is

73465. If the sequence converges, then the series converges absolutely is

73466. Open loop transfer function of a system isThe phase cross over frequency ωc is

73467. The two numbers represent in signed 2's complement form are P = 11101101 and Q = 111001110. If Q subtracted from P, the value obtained in signed 2's complement form is

73468. The transfer function of an RLC circuit is given by quality factor (Q-factor) of this circuit is :

73469. Consider the circuit shown below of 2 : 1 MUX is given by the function g = ac + bc Then f is :

73470. All the four of the 2 x 2 matrix p = are non zero, and one of its eigen values is zero. Which of the following statements is true?

73471. The value of the integral of the function g(x, y) = 4x3 + 10y4 along the straight line segment from the point (0, 0) to the point (1, 2) in the x-y plane is

73472. For the gear train, If θ1 = 2 rad. clockwise and the torque of gear 1 is 10 lb-ft, what is the displacement and torque of gear 7.

73473. The following system which is static is __________ .

73474. The minimal function that can detect a "divisible by 3" 8421 BCD code digit (representation D8D4D2D1) is given by

73475. A delta modulation system is designed to operate at 3 times the Nyquist rate for a signal with a 3 KHz bandwidth. The quantization step size is 250 mv. The maximum amplitude of a 1 KHz input sinusoidal for which the delta modulator does not show slope overload is :

73476. Values of iL, , VC and at t = 0 are given by,

73477. A continuous time LTI system is described byAssuming zero initial conditions, the response y(t) of the above system for the input x(t) = e-2t u(t) is given by

73478. The analog signal given below is sampled by 600 samples per secondm(t) = 2 sin 480p t + 3 sin 720p tThe folding (maximum) frequency is __________ .

73479. In the circuit shown, the power supplied by the voltage source

73480. In analog signal given below is sampled at such a rate that the samples of signal can be given to a collection of buffers having capacity of either 24 samples/sec. or 25 samples/sec. The sampling rate is minimum such that it fully utilizes the collection of both types of buffers m(t) = 2 sin 480p t + 3 sin 720 p t The folding (maximum) frequency is

73481. The system with given T.F. to be stable will be

73482. For a Gaussian process, auto-correlation also implies

73483. The eigen values of a skew symmetric matrix are

73484. An LTI system having transfer function and input x(t) = sin (t + 1) is in steady state. The output is sampled at a rate ωs rad/s to obtain the final output {y(k)}. Which of the following is true?

73485. The current I for the network

73486. A switch tail ring counter is made by using a single D FF. The resulting circuit is a

73487. The driving point impedance of the following network is given by . The component values are

73488. Pressure at the summit of a syphon is

73489. In a synchro error detector, the output voltage is proportional to [ω(t)]n, where ω(t) is the rotor velocity and n equals :

73490. If the closed-loop transfer function T(s) of a unity negative feedback system is given by then the steady state error for a unit ramp input is :

73491. In 8085 microprocessor system, can an input and output port have same port address?

73492. 5 skilled workers can build a wall in 20 days; 8 semi-skilled worker can build a wall in 25days; 10 unskilled workers can build a wall in 30 days, If a team has 2 killed, 6 semi-skilled and 5 unskilled workers, how long will it take to build the wall?

73493. The fourier transform of the half cosine pulse as shown below is __________

73494. A lossless transmission line is 50 cm long and operates at a frequency of 500 MHz. Inductance and capacitances present in a line are 0.5 μH/m and 200 pF/m. Phase constant and phase velocity are respectively.

73495. The electric field of 2.5 x 107 V/m can give 1 eV energy to condition electron, then in a copper block what will be the mean free path of electron?

73496. 25 persons are in a room. 15 of them play hockey, 17 of them play football and 10 of them play both hockey and football. Then the number of persons playing neither hockey nor football is:

73497. For the circuit shown in the following figure I0-I3 are inputs to the 4:1 multiplexer R(MSB) and S are control bitsThe output Z can be represented by

73498. The transfer function of a system is . For a unit-step input to the system the approximate setting time for 2% criterion is :

73499. The impulse response of an initially relaxed linear system is e-2tu(t) . To produce a response te-2tU(t), the input must be equal to __________ .

73500. The continuous time system with impulse response h(t) u(t) is stable, if __________ (n is even).

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