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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1316

65801. A basic series regulator has

65802. A comparator is an example of a(n)

65803. Initially, the closed-loop gain (Acl) of a Wien-bridge oscillator should be

65804. In an averaging amplifier, the input resistances are

65805. A triangular-wave oscillator can consist of an op-amp comparator, followed by a(n)

65806. The ramp voltage at the output of an op-amp integrator

65807. A two-pole high-pass active filter would have a roll-off rate of

65808. The feedback component in an op-amp integrator is a capacitor.

65809. When the capacitance in an active high-pass filter increases, the critical frequency decreases.

65810. The control element in a basic shunt voltage regulator is a zener diode.

65811. The output voltage of a summing amplifier is proportional to the product of the input voltages.

65812. When used as a comparator, an op-amp is wired in a closed-loop configuration.

65813. To operate properly, an oscillator requires an external ac input signal.

65814. For a Wien-bridge oscillator to produce a sustained sine-wave output, the phase shift around the positive feedback loop must be greater than 0°.

65815. The effectiveness of a filter in rejecting signals beyond cutoff frequency is a function of the filter roll-off rating.

65816. A two-pole active filter produces a roll-off rate of –20 dB/decade.

65817. A zero-level detector is a type of comparator circuit.

65818. In the given circuit, VIN1 equals ______.

65819. The rate of change of the output voltage in the given circuit equals ______.

65820. A mathematical operation for finding the area under the curve of a graph is called __________.

65821. In the given circuit, if Rf is reduced to 8 k, the circuit becomes the ______.

65822. The reference voltage for the comparator in the given circuit equals ______.

65823. Above the critical frequency (fc) of a low-pass filter, the output voltage gain _______.

65824. In order to sustain oscillations in a feedback oscillator, the gain should be _________ so the Acl _______.

65825. The given circuit is a two-pole, active ______ filter.

65826. The ______________ input makes the summing amplifier circuit possible.

65827. The critical frequency for the active filter in the given circuit is approximately _______.

65828. A mathematical operation that determines the rate of change of a curve is called __________.

65829. A Wien-bridge oscillator uses _________.

65830. The center frequency of a band-pass filter is always equal to the

65831. The formula shows that for a given capacitor, if the voltage changes at a constant rate with respect to time, the current will

65832. A zero-level detector is a

65833. A digital-to-analog converter is an application of the

65834. If the value of resistor Rf in an averaging amplifier circuit is equal to the value of one input resistor divided by the number of inputs, the output will be equal to

65835. In a C-E configuration, an emitter resistor is used for:

65836. Voltage-divider bias provides:

65837. To operate properly, a transistor's base-emitter junction must be forward biased with reverse bias applied to which junction?

65838. The ends of a load line drawn on a family of curves determine:

65839. If VCC = +18 V, voltage-divider resistor R1 is 4.7 k, and R2 is 1500, what is the base bias voltage?

65840. The C-B configuration is used to provide which type of gain?

65841. The Q point on a load line may be used to determine:

65842. A transistor may be used as a switching device or as a:

65843. If an input signal ranges from 20–40 A (microamps), with an output signal ranging from .5–1.5 mA (milliamps), what is the ac beta?

65844. Which is beta's current ratio?

65845. A collector characteristic curve is a graph showing:

65846. With low-power transistor packages, the base terminal is usually the:

65847. When a silicon diode is forward biased, what is VBE for a C-E configuration?

65848. What is the current gain for a common-base configuration where IE = 4.2 mA and IC = 4.0 mA?

65849. With a PNP circuit, the most positive voltage is probably:

65850. If a 2 mV signal produces a 2 V output, what is the voltage gain?

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