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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 113

5651. When is Central Excise Day celebrated?

5652. When is National Science Day celebrated?

5653. When is National Defence Day celebrated?

5654. When is National Security Day celebrated?

5655. When is International Women’s Day celebrated?

5656. When is CISF Raising Day celebrated?

5657. When is Mauritius Day; Central Industrial Security Force Day celebrated?

5658. When is No Smoking Day celebrated?

5659. When is World Consumer Rights Day celebrated?

5660. When is World Disabled Day celebrated?

5661. When is National Vaccination Day celebrated?

5662. When is St. Patricks Day celebrated?

5663. When is Ordnance Factories Day (India) celebrated?

5664. When is World Forestry Day celebrated?

5665. When is International Day for th eElimination of Racial Discrimination celebrated?

5666. When is World Water Day celebrated?

5667. When is World Meteorological Day celebrated?

5668. When is World TB Day celebrated?

5669. When is Bangladesh Liberation Day celebrated?

5670. When is World Stage Artists Day celebrated?

5671. When is Financial Year Ending celebrated?

5672. When is Orissa Day celebrated?

5673. When is Fools Day celebrated?

5674. When is World Austism Day celebrated?

5675. When is National Maritime Day celebrated?

5676. When is International Day for Mine Awareness celebrated?

5677. When is World Health Day (Started in 1948) celebrated?

5678. When is World Tradition Day celebrated?

5679. When is Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre Day (1919) celebrated?

5680. When is B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day celebrated?

5681. When is Fire Extinguishing Day celebrated?

5682. When is World Haemophilia Day celebrated?

5683. When is World Heritage Day celebrated?

5684. When is Secretaries’ Day celebrated?

5685. When is National Civil Services Day celebrated?

5686. When is World Earth Day celebrated?

5687. When is World Books and Copyright Day celebrated?

5688. When is Easter Day celebrated?

5689. When is World Lab Animals Day celebrated?

5690. When is National Administrative Professionals Day celebrated?

5691. When is World Intellectual Property Day celebrated?

5692. When is Gujarat Statehood Day celebrated?

5693. When is Workers’ Day (International Labour Day) (May Day) celebrated?

5694. When is Maharastra Statehood Day celebrated?

5695. When is International Energy Day celebrated?

5696. When is International Sun Day celebrated?

5697. When is World Press Freedom Day celebrated?

5698. When is Coal Miner’s Day celebrated?

5699. When is World Athletics Day celebrated?

5700. When is National Institute of Sports Founder’s Day celebrated?

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