United Nations Organisation

*The name UNO was suggested by
Ans : F. D. Roosevelt
*UNO was formally came into existence on
Ans : October 24,1945
*UN day is observed on
Ans : October 24
*Headquarters of UNO
Ans : Manhattan (New York)
*The main aim of UNO
Ans : Peace and Human dignity
*Motto of UNO
Ans : It's Your World
*UN Flag was adopted on
Ans : October 20, 1947
*Colour of UN Flag
Ans : Light Blue 
*Design of UN Flag
Ans : World map surrounded by two olive branches 
*UN Emblem was designed by 
Ans : Donal McLaughlin
*The Secretary General of the UN is elected by the General assembly on recommendation of the
Ans : Security Council
*The only body in which all UN members are represented
Ans: General Assembly
*First General meeting of UNO was held in 
Ans : London(1946)
*The larg..................
*Founded in 
Ans : 1961 
*Founded by
Ans : Peter Berenson 
Ans : London
*Amnesty got Nobel prize for Peace in 
Ans : 1977
Ans : It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

*Formed on
Ans : December 19,1966 
Ans : Manila
*Member countries 
Ans : 67
*Economic assistance to the countries of Asian and Pacific region is the aim of 
Ans : ADB
*67th member of ADB 
Ans : Georgia
*Asian Development Fund was formed in 
Ans : 1973

*The organisation of seven major advanced economies in the world
Ans : G7
*Initially G7 was known as 
Ans : G6
*G6 was formed in
Ans : 1975
*Countries of G7 when came..................
Ans : Kathmandu (Nepal)
*Founded on
Ans : December 8,1985 (Dhaka)
*Member countries
Ans : 8
*Member countries
Ans : Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka
*Last member
Ans : Afghanistan (2007)
*The idea of SAARC was put forward by -
Ans : Zia-Ur - Rahman(Bangladesh President)
*The summit which decided to form SAARC
Ans : Dhaka Summit (1985)
*First Chairman of SAARC
Ans : H.M.Ershad
*First General Secretary of SAARC
Ans : Abdul Ahzar
*The idea of SAARC was put forward by
Ans : Zia-Ur-Rahman(Bangladesh President)
*Largest regional intergovernmental organization
*SAARC summits in India were held in
Ans : 1986; 1995 and 2007
*SAARC University is situated at
Ans : ..................
Ans : Marlborough House (London)  
*Came into effect in 
Ans : 1931
*Member countries 
Ans : 53
*53rd member country 
Ans : Rwanda
*Countries left from the Commonwealth Nations
Ans : Ireland, Zimbabwe
*The meeting which caused the formation of Commonwealth Nations
Ans : Imperial Meeting
*Imperial Meeting was held in
Ans : 1926
*Former name of Commonwealth
Ans : British Commonwealth
*The symbolic head of Commonwealth
Ans : British King or Queen
*Commonwealth Secretariat came into effect in
Ans : 1965
*The head of the Commonwealth Secretariat
Ans : Secretary
*First Secretary of the Commonwealth
Ans : Arnold Smith
*First Indian to become the Secretary of Commonwealth
Ans : Kamalesh Sharma
*The meeting of Commonwealth heads is known as
Ans ..................
 *The Conference which caused the
formation of NAM
Ans : Bandung Conference (Indonesia)
* Bandung Conference was held in 
Ans : 1955
* The idea of NAM was proposed by 
Ans : V.K. Krishna Menon 
* NAM was formed in 
Ans : 1961
*First meeting of NAM was held in 
Ans : Belgrade (1961)
*The basics of NAM
Ans : Panchasheel Agreement 
*The leaders who took initiative to the formation of NAM
Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru,Marshal Tito (President, Yugoslavia)Gamal Abdul Nazar (President, Egypt)
*NAM doesn't have a permanent headquarters
*The number of countries which took part in the first meeting of NAM 
Ans : 25
*First Indian to become the Secretary General of NAM
Ans : Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
*The related agency of NAM 
Ans : AFRICA Fund 
*Action for Resisting Invasion Colonialisat..................
*Commonwealth              - London
*ASEAN                         - Jakarta
*SAARC                         - Kathmandu
*Red Cross                     - Geneva
*Green Peace                  - Amsterdam
*Interpol                        - Lyons
*Amnesty International      - London
*OPEC                            - Vienna 
*World Wild Life Fund       - Gland 
*African Union              - Addis Ababa 
*NATO - Brussels 
*Organisation of Islamic Conference - Jeddah 
*UNO - Manhattan
*International Child Welfare Forum - New York
*UNHRC                                  - Geneva
*World Bank                              - Washington
*WTO                           ..................
*The organisation founded to protect human life and health and to prevent and alleviate human suffering
Ans : Red Cross
*Came into force in
Ans : 1863
Ans : Henry Dunant
Ans : Geneva
Ans : With Humanity towards Peace
Ans : A Red Cross in white background
*Indian Red Cross Society came into force in
Ans : 1920
*Headquarters of Indian Red Cross Society
Ans : New Delhi
*World Red Cross Day
Ans : May 8
*Red Cross got the Nobel Prize for Peace in
Ans : 1917,1944 and 1963
*The organisation which got most number of Nobel Prize for Peace
Ans : Red Cross
*The battle which caused the formation of Red Cross
Ans : Battle of Solferino (1859)
*Red Cross is known in Islamic states as 
Ans : Red Crescent
*New emblem which was approved by Red C..................
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