United Nations Organisation

*The name UNO was suggested by
Ans : F. D. Roosevelt
*UNO was formally came into existence on
Ans : October 24,1945
*UN day is observed on
Ans : October 24
*Headquarters of UNO
Ans : Manhattan (New York)
*The main aim of UNO
Ans : Peace and Human dignity
*Motto of UNO
Ans : It's Your World
*UN Flag was adopted on
Ans : October 20, 1947
*Colour of UN Flag
Ans : Light Blue 
*Design of UN Flag
Ans : World map surrounded by two olive branches 
*UN Emblem was designed by 
Ans : Donal McLaughlin
*The Secretary General of the UN is elected by the General assembly on recommendation of the
Ans : Security Council
*The only body in which all UN members are represented
Ans: General Assembly
*First General meeting of UNO was held in 
Ans : London(1946)
*The larg..................
*Founded in 
Ans : 1961 
*Founded by
Ans : Peter Berenson 
Ans : London
*Amnesty got Nobel prize for Peace in 
Ans : 1977
Ans : It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

*Formed on
Ans : December 19,1966 
Ans : Manila
*Member countries 
Ans : 67
*Economic assistance to the countries of Asian and Pacific region is the aim of 
Ans : ADB
*67th member of ADB 
Ans : Georgia
*Asian Development Fund was formed in 
Ans : 1973

*The organisation of seven major advanced economies in the world
Ans : G7
*Initially G7 was known as 
Ans : G6
*G6 was formed in
Ans : 1975
*Countries of G7 when came..................
world cinema 
*The term Cinema was coined by
Ans : Lumiere Brothers (in 1890's)
*The early motion picture exhibition device which was developed in Edison Lab 
Ans : Kinetoscope
*35mm Film Guage was introduced by
Ans : William Dickson and Thomas Edison
*Inventor of Cinematography 
Ans : William Friese-Greene 
*Father of Modern Cinema, also known as, inventor of Hollywood
Ans : D.W. Griffith
*Who is regarded as a pioneer in the theory and practice of Montage 
Ans : Sergei Eisenstein
*The world's first motion picture 'Horse in Motion' was developed by
Ans : Eadweard James Muybridge 
*World's largest film industry 
Ans : Hollywood
*The person known as 'The Master of Suspense'
Ans : Alfred Hitchcock
*First 3D feature film (silent film)
Ans : The Power of love (1922)
*First 3D colour film (talkie)
Ans : Bwana..................
World Literature
*Greek literature is known as 
Ans : Hellenic culture
*The most ancient literature in the world 
Ans : Greek literature
*The epics of Greece 
Ans : Iliad, Odyssey
*The person known as first epic poet 
Ans : Homer
*Father of English Literature 
Ans : Geoffrey Chaucer 
*Famous work of Geoffrey Chaucer 
Ans : Canterbury Tales 
*Father of English Essays 
Ans : Francis Bacon
*"Knowledge is power" are the words of 
Ans : Francis Bacon
*The person known as the poet of the nature
Ans : William Wordsworth
*Lyrical Ballads which marked the beginning of the English Romantic Movement was written by
Ans : William Wordsworth 
*The words "Child is the father of the man" are quoted by
Ans : William Wordsworth

*Of Discourse
*Of Stu..................
Nick Names (Calling Names) .
*Light of the World       -Jesus Christ
*MS Good Shepherd          -Jesus Christ
*Prince of Pilgrimage         -Hiuen Tsang
*Prince of Travellers          -Marco Polo
*Rascal Monk                  -Rasputin
*Apostle of Free Trade      -Richard Cobden
*Columbus of Space         - Yuri Gagarin 
*Master of Suspense         - Alfred Hitchcock
*Second Duke                   -Benitto Mussolini
*Iron Duke                         - Duke of Wellington
*Poet's Poet                        -Edmund Spenser
*Desert Fox                          -Erwin Rommer
*Lady with the Lamp           - Florence Nightingale
*G.B.S                                     -Geroge Bernard Shaw
*Little corporal                      -Napolean B..................

*Hockey is the national game of
Ans : India and Pakistan
*Number of players in a Hockey team including one goal keeper
Ans : 11
*Normal duration of a Hockey game
Ans : 70 minutes (From 2014 60 min)
*International Hockey tournaments are regulated by
Ans : FIH (International Hockey Federation)
*The headquarters of FIH is situated at
Ans : Lausanne (Switzerland)
*FIH was formed in
Ans : 1924
*1st President of FIH
Ans : Paul Leautey
*Hockey World Cups were started in
Ans : 1971 (at Barcelona, Spain)
*1st champion of Hockey World Cup
Ans : Pakistan
*Hockey World Cup trophy was designed by
Ans : Bashir Moojid
*The country became the most successful team in Hockey world cup
Ans : Pakistan
*Hockey World Cups are held in every
Ans : Four years
*First Asian city to host world cup in 1975..................
*Nobel Prize was instituted by 
Ans : Alfred Nobel 
*Alfred Nobel was born in
Ans : Stockholm, Sweden (October 21, 1833)
*Dynamite was developed by
Ans : Alfred Nobel
*The scientist who remained the owner of Bofors company from 1894 till his death in 1896
Ans : Alfred Nobel
*Number of fields in which the Nobel Prize is currently given
Ans : 6 (Chemistry, Economic Sciences
Literature, Peace, Physics Physiology or Medicine) 
*The will of Alfred Nobel instituted the Nobel Award in 
Ans : 1895
*The Nobel Foundation was established as a private organization in 
Ans : 1900
*Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by
Ans : Norwegian Nobel Committee 
*The field in which the award was not included in the original awards of Nobel 
Ans : Economics
*Nobel Prize for Economics was..................

*Host country  - Brazil
*Number of Teams - 12
*Official logo - All in one rhythm
*Matches played -  64
*Venues -  12
*Champions - Germany (4th title)
*Runner-Up - Argentina
*Third Place - Netherlands
*Fourth Place - Brazil
*Goal Scored - 171
*Top scorer - James Rodriguez (Colombia)
*Best player - Lionel Messi (Argentina)
*Best young player - Paul Pogba (France)
*Best goalkeeper - Manuel Neuer (Germany)
*Fair play award - Colombia

YEAR              HOST COUNTRY
2014               Brazil
2018               Russia
2022               Qatar 

*71st edition of Santosh Trophy was..................

Olympics games was originated in 
Ans : Greece
*First Olympic games was held in 
Ans : BC776
*The prize for the winner at the ancient Olympic games
Ans : Kotinos (Olive wreath)
*Ancient Olympics was held in the honour of the
Ans : Greek God Zeus
*The Roman emperor who banned Olympics in AD 393
Ans : Theodosius
*First winner of ancient Olympics was 
Ans : Koroibos
*Father of modern Olympics
Ans : Baron Pierre de Coubertin The 
*International Olympics Committee (IOC) was founded by
Ans : Baron Pierre de Coubertin
*The International Olympics Committee was founded on
Ans : June 23,1894 at Lausanne (Switzerland)
*The Motto of IOC
Ans : Citius, Aldus, Fortius (Latin words)
which mean faster, higher, stronger 
*First modern Olympics was held in 
Ans : 1896 at Athens 
*First winner of Mo..................

*International Commonwealth sport event which is attended by  member  “Countries ”
Ans : Commonwealth Games 
*Father of Commonwealth Games 
Ans : Ashley Cooper.
*Motto of Commonwealth Games
Ans : Humanity, Equality, Destiny  
*First Commonwealth Games was held in 
Ans : Hamilton (Canada; 1730)  
*Number of member countries participated in the first Commonwealth games 
Ans : 11

*Host City
Ans : Glasgow, Scotland
Ans : People, Place, Passion 
*Nation participating 
Ans : 71
*Officially opened by 
Ans : Elizabeth II 
*Main venue
Ans : Celtic park (Opening ceremony) Hampden park (Closing Ceremony) 
Ans : Clyde
*The official song of 20th common..................
*Man Booker Prize was given for the first time in
Ans : 1969
*Man Booker Prize is presented by 
Ans : Man Group 
*The Man Booker Prize was originally known as 
Ans : Booker Prize/ Booker - McConnell Prize
*First winner of Man Booker Prize 
Ans : P.H.Newby
*The person who received Man Booker Prize twice
Ans : J.M.Coetzee
*The person who received Man Booker Prize in 1971
Ans : V.S.Naipaul
*The book of V.S.Naipaul which got Booker Prize
Ans : In a Free State
*First Indian to win the Man Booker Prize 
Ans : Arundhati Roy (1997)
*The book of Arundhati Roy which won Booker Prize
Ans : God of Small Things 
*Second Indian to win the Man Booker Prize 
Ans : Kiran Desai (2006)
*The book of Kiran Desai which won Booker Prize
Ans : Inheritance of Loss
*The book of Aravind Adiga which won the..................
*The award which is known as the Asian Nobel Prize
Ans : Magsaysay Award
*Magsaysay was established in
Ans : 1957
*Magsaysay award was given for the first time in
Ans : 1958
*Magsaysay was established by
Ans : Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation
*First Indian to win Magsaysay Award
Ans : Vinoba Bhave (1958)
*First Indian woman to win Magsaysay Award
Ans : Mother Teresa (1962)
*First Keralite to win Magsaysay Award
Ans : Varghese Kurian (1963)
2015 -  Sanjiv Chaturvedi   Emergent Leadership
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2016 - Thodur Krishna   Emergent Leadership      
2016 - B. Wilson Community Leadership..................
*Templeton Prize was established in
Ans : 1972
*Templeton Prize was first awarded in
Ans : 1973
*Templeton Prize is presented by
Ans : Templeton Foundation
*First winner
Ans : Mother Teresa (1973)
*First Indian President who got the Templeton Prize
Ans : Dr.S.Radhakrishnan (1975)
2015 Jean Vanier
2016           Jonathan Sacks 
2017 Alvin Plantinga
*The International award given for the outstanding performance in Journalism, Music composition and Literary Achievements
Ans : Pulitzer Prize
*Fiction - Colson Whitehead
*Drama - Lynn Nottage
*Poetry -  Tyehimba Jess
*Journalism (..................
*The most popular game in the world
Ans : Football
*The national game of most number of countries
Ans :  Football
*The birth place of modern football Ans:England
*Other name of Football
Ans : Soccer
*International Governing Body of football
Ans : FIFA (Federation Internationalede Football Association)
*FIFA was established in 
Ans : 1904
*Headquarters of FIFA
Ans: Zurich (Switzerland)
*Motto of FIFA
Ans : For the game for the world 
*Designer of FIFA World Cup Trophy 
Ans : Silvio Gazzaniga
*FIFA world cup trophy presented for the first time in
Ans : 1974
*First player to score a goal in FIFA world cup
Ans : Lucien Laurent
Ans : 90 minutes
*Weight of a football
Ans : 410 -415 gm
*Number of players in a football team
Ans : 11
*The height of a football post 
*Badminton was originated in 19th century in
Ans : British India
*In India, badminton is known as
Ans : Poona game 
*Badminton is the national game of Indonesia and Malaysia Badminton has been a Summer Olympic sports with five events since 
Ans : 1992
*The equipments used for playing badminton are
Ans : Racquet and shuttlecock 
*The place where badminton is played 
Ans : Court
*Number of feathers in a shuttle cock 
Ans : 16
*Highest governing body of badminton all over the world
Ans : Badminton World Federation 
*BWF was founded in 
Ans : 1934
*India joined BWF in
Ans : 1936
*First Badminton World Federation World Championship was held in 
Ans : 1977
*Badminton World Federation super series were Introduced in 
Ans : 2007
*First country to win the world cup 
Ans : Uruguay
*Cricket was originated in 
Ans : England
Ans : The country known as the 'Home of Cricket' 
Ans : England
*Cricket is also known as 
Ans : Gentlemen's game
*Maximum days of a Test Cricket 
Ans : 5 (five)
*First Test match and first One-day matches were played between
Ans : Australia and England 
*First recognised test match was commenced in March 1877 at
Ans : Melbourne Stadium (Australia won by 45 runs)
*India got its ICC membership in 
Ans : 1926
*The government body of cricket in the world
Ans : International Cricket Council (ICC)
*The headquarters of ICC
Ans : Dubai
*ICC was formed on 
Ans : June 15,1909
*Number of members in ICC
Ans : 105 members
*The oldest from of ICC
Ans : Imperial Cricket Conference
*First Indian to become the Chariman of ICC
Ans : N.Sreeniva..................
Largest Country .
*Largest Democracy - Republic of India 
*Largest Electorate - Republic of India 
*Largest Parliament - The National People's Congress (China)
*Oldest Parliament - Althing(Iceland)
*Oldest Republic - San Marino
*Largest Country (by area) - Russia
*Largest country (by population) - China
*Most densely populated country - Monacco 
*Least populous country - Vatican
*Largest city (Population) - Tokyo (Japan)
*The oldest capital city - Damascus (Syria)
*Oldest national flag - Denmark..................
*Largest continent - Asia
*Largest ocean - Pacific Ocean
*Deepest ocean - Pacific
*Deepest point in the Ocean - Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean
*Largest sea - South China Sea
*Largest inland sea - Medilterranean sea
*Longest River  - Nile
*Largest river- Amazon
*Largest river basin - Amazon 
*Longest canal - Grand canal (china)
*Longest Swimming - English Canal
*Longest estuary  - Ob estuary (Russia)
*Longest Beach - Cox's bazar (Bangladesh)
*Deepest lake  - Baikal (Russia)
*Highest lake  - Titikaka (Bolivia) 
*Longest fresh water lake - Lake Tanganyka
*Largest salt water lake  - Caspian Sea 
*Largest artificial - lake Volta(by Surface area) (Ghana)
*Highest waterfalls - Angel Falls (Kerepakupai Vena) (Venezuela) 
*Largest bay - Hudson Bay (North Canada) 
*Largest gulf - Gulf of Mexico
*Largest National park - Greenland National Park (Green land) 
*Largest animal  - Blue Whale
*Tallest animal - Giraffe
*Largest land  animal  - African Bush Elephant
*Fastest animal  in water - Sail fish
*Largest bird - Ostrich
*Largest sea bird  - Albatross
*Largest forest - Coniferous Forests of Northern Russia
*Longest mountain range - Andes(South-America)
*Longest cave - Mammoth cave (USA)
*Tallest flower  -Titan Aarum
*Tallest Flowering  Plant - Eucalyptus
*Tallest tree - The Redwood Sequoia Tree
*Biggest Fresh water Fish - Cat Fish
*Biggest reptile - Saltwater Crocodile
*Biggest lizard - Komodo Dragon
*Biggest eggs - Ostrich Eggs
*Longest snake- Anaconda..................
*Largest hot desert - Sahara ( Africa)
*Largest cold desert - Gobi (Mongolia) 
*Largest mountain range - The Himalayas
*Largest Active Volcano - Mauna Loa
*Tallest active Geyser- Steam Boat in Yellowstone National Park (USA)
*Largest land mass - The Eurasian Landmass
*Hottest Place - Al Azizia (Libya)
*Highest capital city - La Paz (Bolivia)
*Highest Mountain peak - Mt. Everest (Nepal)
*Highest plateau - Pamir (Tibet)
*Driest place - Atacama..................
*Largest airline - Delta Airlines (USA)
*Largest passenger plane - Airbus A 380
*Largest port - Shanghai(China)
*Largest airport - King Fahd International Airport at Dammam (in area)
*Highest airport - Daacheng Udaing (China)
*Largest Cruise ship - Allure of the Seas
*Longest road - Pan American Highway 
*Longest railway tunnel - Gotthard base Tunnel(Switzerland)
*Longest railway Platform - Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
*Longest railway line -Trans-Siberian Railway(Russia)
*Longest Arch bridge - Chaotianmen Bridge (Yangtze river - China)
*Longest corridor - Rameswaram Temple Coridor(India)
*Largest palace - Imperial Palace (Beijing) 
*Largest library - United States Library of Congress(Washington D.C)
*Longest road tunnel - Laerdal Tunnel (Norway)
*Longest bridge over water - Lake Pontchartrain Causeway..................
*Largest wall
Ans : The Great Wall of China 
*Largest stadium
Ans : Strahov (Czech Republic) 
*Largest Cricket stadium
Ans : Melbourne (Australia)
*Biggest football stadium
Ans : Marakana (Brazil)
*Largest Irrigation Scheme
Ans : Great Man - Made River (Africa)  
*Largest Monolithic statue
Ans : State of Buddha (Hyderabad)  
*Largest bank
Ans : World Bank (Washington)
*Tallest free standing Tower
Ans : Tokyo Skytree (Japan)
*Tallest building
Ans : Burj Khalifa (Dubai)
*Tallest office building
Ans : Taipe 101 (Taiwan)
*Tallest statue
Ans : Spring Temple Buddha (China)
*Tallest minaret - Sultan Hassan Mosque's Minaret (Egypt)
*Largest open - Indira Gandhi university National Open University (New Delhi)
*Largest embassy - US Embassy in Baghdad..................
*Largest temple - Angkorwat (Cambodia)
*Largest Budha temple - Borobudur (Indonesia)
*Largest church - St. Peter's Basilica,(Rome)
*Largest synagogue - Belz Great Synagogue (Jerusalem) 
*Largest mosque - Masjid al - Haram (Mecca
*Smallest continent - Australia
*Smallest ocean - Arctic
*Smallest republic - Nauru
*Smallest country - Vatican
*Smallest flowering plant - Wolfia
*Smallest Mammal - Bumblebee Bat
*Smallest landmass - The Australian mainland
*Shortest river - Roe river..................
*Afghanistan             - Shora
*America                  - Congress
*Algeria                    - Popular National Assembly
*Argentina                - National Congress
*Australia                - Federal Parliament
*Bangladesh               - Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban
*Belgium                    - Federal Parliament
*China                      - National People's Congress
*Cuba                       - National Assembly of People's power 
*Denmark                - Folketing 
*Egypt                      - People Assembly 
*Estonia                    - Riigikogu 
*Finland                    - Eduskunta 
*France                    ..................
*Blue Book                    - Britain
*Green Book                  - Italy
*Orange Book                - Netherland
*White Book                  - Germany, China, Portugal
*White Paper                 - India
*Grey Book                    - Japan, Belgium
*Yellow Book                  - France..................
*Algeria     - Dinar           - Algiers
*Angola - Kwanza - Luanda
*Benin - CFA Franc - Porto-Novo
*Botswana - Pula - Gabarone
*Chad - CFA Franc - N' Djamena
*Cameroon - Comorian - Franc Yaounde
*Comoros - Comorian - Franc Moroni
*Egypt - Pound - Cairo
*Eritrea - Nakfa - Asmara
*Ethiopia - Birr - Addis Abada
*Gabon  - CFA Franc - Librevile
*Gambia - Dalasi - Banjul
*Ghana - Cedi - Acera
*Guinea - Guinean Franc - Conakry
*Kenya - Keniyan Shilling - Nairobi
*Lesetho - Lotti - Masseru
*Liberia - Liberian Dollar- Monrovia
*Libya - Libian Dinar - Tripoli
*Madagascar - Ariary - Antananarivo
*Mali - France CFA - Bamako
*Mauritania - Ugiya - Nuwakchot
*Afghanistan      - Afghani        - Kabul
*Armenia              - Dram        - Yeravan
*Azerbyjan            - Manath      - Baku
*Bahrain             - Dinar      - Al-Manamah
*Bangladesh            - Taka         - Dhaka
*Bhutan                  - Ngultrum    - Thimphu
*Cambodia                - Riel           - Phnom Penh
*China                       - Yuan         - Beijing
*East Timur                - U.S Dollar      - Dili
*Georgia                     - Lari               -Tbilisi
*Hong Kong              - Hong Kong Dollar  - Victoria
*Indonesia                - Rupiah              - Jakarta
*Iran             ..................
*Australia               - Dollar    - Canberra
*Fiji                         - Fiji Dollar      - Suva
*Kiribati              - Australian Dollar    - Tarawa
*Micronesia            - U.S Dollar          - Palikir
*Marshal Island       - U.S Dollar          - Majuro
*Nauru                 - Australian Dollar - Yaren District
*New Zealand        - Newzealand Dollar -Wellington
*Papua New Guinea         - Kina           - Portrmorse by
*Samoa                        - Tala                - Apia
*Solomon Islands   - Solomon Islands Dollar       -Honiara
*Tonga                    - Paanga                 - Nuku Alofa
*Tuvalu         ..................
*Albania   -Lek              - Tirana
*Austria -Euro               -Vienna
*Belgium -Euro                -Brussels
*Denmark -Krone                -Copenhagen
*Iceland -Krona                 -Reykjavik
*Ireland -Euro                  -Dublin
*France -Euro                         -Paris 
*Finland -Euro                         -Helsinki 
*Germany -Euro                         -Berlin 
*Greece      -Euro                         -Athens
*Hungary -Forint                        -Budapest
*Italy -Euro                           -Rome
*Netherlands -Euro                       -Amsterdam 
*Norway       -Krone          ..................
*Barbados     - Barbados Dollar                - Bridgetown
*Canada          - Canadian Dollar               - Ottawa
*Costa Rica    - Costarican Colon            - San Jose
*Cuba                - Peso                      - Havana
*Guatemala      - Quetzal                  - Gautemala City
*Jamaica          - Jamaican Dollar    - Kingston
*Mexico            - Mexican Peso          - Mexico City
*Nicaragua        - Cordoba                  - Managua
*Panama              - Balboa                - Panama City
*United States      - U.S Dollar           - Washington DC
*Belize                   - Belize Dollar         - ..................
*Argentina        - Peso                    - Bunos Aires
*Bolivia      - Boliviano             - La Pas
*Brazil        - Riyal                     - Brasilia
*Chile      - Chilian Peso             -Santiyago
*Colombia        - Columbian             - PesoBogota
*Ecuador    - U.S Dollar          - Quito
*Guyana   - Gayanis Dollar     - GeorgeTown
*Paraguay       - Guarani - Asention
*Peru        - Newosoul            - Lima
*Suriname     - Surinamese          - Dollar Paramaribo
*Uruguay       - Uruguan Peso      - Montevedo
*Venezuela       - Boliver                 - Karakas..................
*British                - Renters
*China                 - Xinhua
*Crotica               - Hina
*France                - Agence France presse (DFAP)
*Germany              - Dentas Press 
*India                   - Press Trust of India 
*India                   - Samchar Bharat 
*India                   - UNI (United News of India)
*Indonesia             - Antara
*Iran                    - IRNA
*Italy                   - ANSA
*Italy                  - Interpress Service
*Japan                 - Kyos
*Kenya                  - IRN
*Malaysia              - Bernama
*Palaestine       ..................
*The Daily Mirror - England
*The Times - England
*The Sun - England
*Morning Star - England
*The Guardian - England
*The Daily Express - England
*Daily Telegraph - UK
*New York Times - USA
*Morning News - USA
*Washington Post - USA
*Yomiyurishimbun - Japan
*Quede Newservice - Japan
*The Island - Srilanka
*Morning News - Bangladesh
*The Dawn - Pakistan
*Trud - Russia
*People's Daily - China
*Le Figaro - France
*Le Monde - France
*Eastern Sun - Singapore
*Jakarta Post - Indonesia
*Daily express - Malaysia..................
*Father of Super computer - Seymour Cray
*Father of Orkut - Orkut Buyukkokten
*Father of Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg
*Father of Whatsapp - Jan Koum
*Father of Twitter
Ans : Jack Dorsey
*Father of E-mail 
Ans : Ray Tomilson
*Father of hot mail 
Ans : Sabir Bhatia
*Father of Internet 
Ans : Winton Cerf
*Father of Psychology 
Ans : Sigmund Freud
*Father of Philosophy
Ans : Socrates
*Father of Economics
Ans : Adam Smith
*Father of Sociology
Ans : Auguste Comte
*Father of Biology
Ans : Aristotle
*Father of Cell-Science 
Ans : Robert Hook
*Father of Bacteriology
Ans : Louis Pasteur
*Father of Medicine
Ans : Hippocrates
*Father of Homoeopathy
Ans : Samuel Hahnemann 
*Father of Genetics
Ans : Gregor Mendel 
*Father of Anatom..................
*Abacus - Charles Babbage
*Adding Machine - Blaise Pascal
*Aeroplane - Wright Brothers
*Air brake - George Westinghouse
*Air Conditioner - Willis Haviland Carrier
*Antiseptic Surgery - Lord Joseph Lister
*Artificial Heart - Dr. Paul Winched
*Aspirin - Felix Hoffman
*Atom - John Dalton
*Atom Bomb - Robert Oppenheimer
*Atomic Number - Mosley
*Atomic Physics - Enrico Fermi
*Atomic Structure - Bohr and Rutherford
*Atomic Theory - Dalton
*Blood Group - Karl Landsteiner
*Barometer - Torricelli
*Bicycle - MacMillan
*Bifocal Lens - Benjamin Franklin
*Binomial Nomen clature - Carl Linnaeus
*Blood Circulation - Harvey
*Blood Groups - Karl Landsteiner
*Chemical Structure - August Kekule
*Chemotherapy - Paul Ehrlich
*Child Development - Jean Piaget
*Chloroform - James H..................
1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J. K. Rowling
2. The Hobbit - J.R.R.Tolkien
3. 1984 - George Orwell 
4. The Da Vinci Code - Dan Drown 1
5. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austane
6. The Catcher in the Rye - J.D.Salinger
7. Jane Eyre - Chaitotte Bronte
8. Animal Farm - George Orwell
9. Brave New World - Aldous Huxely
10. The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R.Tolkien
11. Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
12. Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte
13. Life of Pi - Yann Martel 
14. Lord of the Files - William Golding
15. The Odyssey - Homer
16. One Hundred Years of Solitude - Marquez
17. The Two Towers - J.R.R.Tolkien
18. The Return of the King - J.R.R.Tolkien
19. Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky
20. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain
21.Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck 
22.Anna Karenina..................
*The highest honour in film industry in the world
Ans : OSCAR awards
*OSCAR awards are given by the
Ans : Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS)
*The Model of OSCAR award statuette was designed by
Ans : Cedric Gibbons
*The Muse Statue at the Hollywood Bowl was sculpted by
Ans : George Stanley 
*OSCAR award is made of
Ans : Britannium (gold plated)
*1st Academy Award ceremony was held on 
Ans : May 16,1929
*The first person to win an OSCAR and a Nobel Prize
Ans : George Bernard Shaw
*George Bernard Shaw won the OSCAR for the best Screen Play for the movie
Ans : Pygmalion(1938) 
*OSCAR presentation ceremony is held at
Ans : Dolby Theatre (old name - Kodak theatre, Los Angles)
*First OSCAR for Best Picture was bagged by
Ans : The Wings
*First OSCAR for Best Actor was won by
Ans : Emil Janni..................
*Hollywood - United States
*Bollywood -  Hindi Film Industry
*Kabulwood - Afghanistan Pakistan
*Lollywood - Pakistan (Lahore)
*Kariwood -  Pakistan (Karachi)
*Kallywood/Kollywood - Nepal
*Dhallywood - Bangladesh
*Dhollywood/Gollywood - Gujarat
*Punjwood /Pollywood - Punjab
*Mollywood - Malayalam
*Tollywood - Telugu
*Ollywood - Odia
*Kollywood - Tamil Nadu..................
*Something like an Autobiography 
Ans : Akira Kurosawa 
*The Friedkin connection 
Ans : William Friedkin
*Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story
Ans : Arnold Schwarzenegger 
*Making Movies
Ans : Sidney Lumet..................
*The biggest film festival in the world 
Ans : Cannes Film Festival 
*Cannes is in 
Ans : France
*Cannes Film Festival was founded on 
Ans : September 20,1946 
*The highest prize given at the Cannes 
Ans : Palme d' Or (Golden Palm)
*Palme d' Or is given to the
Ans : Director of the best film 
*Palm d' Or was Introduced in 
Ans : 1955
*First Indian to be the member of Cannes film festival
Ans : AishwaryaRai
*First Malayalee to be honoured at the Cannes
Ans : Parvathy Omanakuttan 
*First Malayalam film to be selected to the competitive category of Cannes
Ans : Swaham (Directed by : Shaji N. Karun)..................
Ans : Kathmandu (Nepal)
*Founded on
Ans : December 8,1985 (Dhaka)
*Member countries
Ans : 8
*Member countries
Ans : Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka
*Last member
Ans : Afghanistan (2007)
*The idea of SAARC was put forward by -
Ans : Zia-Ur - Rahman(Bangladesh President)
*The summit which decided to form SAARC
Ans : Dhaka Summit (1985)
*First Chairman of SAARC
Ans : H.M.Ershad
*First General Secretary of SAARC
Ans : Abdul Ahzar
*The idea of SAARC was put forward by
Ans : Zia-Ur-Rahman(Bangladesh President)
*Largest regional intergovernmental organization
*SAARC summits in India were held in
Ans : 1986; 1995 and 2007
*SAARC University is situated at
Ans : ..................
Ans : Marlborough House (London)  
*Came into effect in 
Ans : 1931
*Member countries 
Ans : 53
*53rd member country 
Ans : Rwanda
*Countries left from the Commonwealth Nations
Ans : Ireland, Zimbabwe
*The meeting which caused the formation of Commonwealth Nations
Ans : Imperial Meeting
*Imperial Meeting was held in
Ans : 1926
*Former name of Commonwealth
Ans : British Commonwealth
*The symbolic head of Commonwealth
Ans : British King or Queen
*Commonwealth Secretariat came into effect in
Ans : 1965
*The head of the Commonwealth Secretariat
Ans : Secretary
*First Secretary of the Commonwealth
Ans : Arnold Smith
*First Indian to become the Secretary of Commonwealth
Ans : Kamalesh Sharma
*The meeting of Commonwealth heads is known as
Ans ..................
 *The Conference which caused the
formation of NAM
Ans : Bandung Conference (Indonesia)
* Bandung Conference was held in 
Ans : 1955
* The idea of NAM was proposed by 
Ans : V.K. Krishna Menon 
* NAM was formed in 
Ans : 1961
*First meeting of NAM was held in 
Ans : Belgrade (1961)
*The basics of NAM
Ans : Panchasheel Agreement 
*The leaders who took initiative to the formation of NAM
Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru,Marshal Tito (President, Yugoslavia)Gamal Abdul Nazar (President, Egypt)
*NAM doesn't have a permanent headquarters
*The number of countries which took part in the first meeting of NAM 
Ans : 25
*First Indian to become the Secretary General of NAM
Ans : Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
*The related agency of NAM 
Ans : AFRICA Fund 
*Action for Resisting Invasion Colonialisat..................
*Commonwealth              - London
*ASEAN                         - Jakarta
*SAARC                         - Kathmandu
*Red Cross                     - Geneva
*Green Peace                  - Amsterdam
*Interpol                        - Lyons
*Amnesty International      - London
*OPEC                            - Vienna 
*World Wild Life Fund       - Gland 
*African Union              - Addis Ababa 
*NATO - Brussels 
*Organisation of Islamic Conference - Jeddah 
*UNO - Manhattan
*International Child Welfare Forum - New York
*UNHRC                                  - Geneva
*World Bank                              - Washington
*WTO                           ..................
*The organisation founded to protect human life and health and to prevent and alleviate human suffering
Ans : Red Cross
*Came into force in
Ans : 1863
Ans : Henry Dunant
Ans : Geneva
Ans : With Humanity towards Peace
Ans : A Red Cross in white background
*Indian Red Cross Society came into force in
Ans : 1920
*Headquarters of Indian Red Cross Society
Ans : New Delhi
*World Red Cross Day
Ans : May 8
*Red Cross got the Nobel Prize for Peace in
Ans : 1917,1944 and 1963
*The organisation which got most number of Nobel Prize for Peace
Ans : Red Cross
*The battle which caused the formation of Red Cross
Ans : Battle of Solferino (1859)
*Red Cross is known in Islamic states as 
Ans : Red Crescent
*New emblem which was approved by Red C..................
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